Marcie Randall, a photographer for people of all abilities.

Hey there!

I’m Marcie Randall,
a photographer for people of all abilities

Hi there! I’m a Special Needs Portrait Photographer in Massachusetts. I’m also a mom of a teenage boy who has severe special needs.

My son was born in 2008 with multiple medical and developmental challenges. Getting a great photo of him is NOT easy- he struggles with eye contact, his smile is infectious but inconsistent, and he has to work hard to sit up straight. Nevertheless, we remain determined.

Years ago as I was building my business, I photographed a friend’s family. Along with her two sons, she had a daughter with Rett Syndrome. My friend was thrilled with the images, and she said to me “Marcie- this is what you should be doing, photographing children with special needs.” And thus, my niche was created…

Imagine getting great photos of your special needs loved one in an enjoyable and flexible photo session. You show up…I’ll take care of the rest. As a Mom in the special needs community, I know how precious these photos can be. And I can’t wait to capture them for you.

Do we have anything in common?

I’m originally from Baltimore (yes, I am a huge Ravens and Orioles fan!) and I currently live in the Boston area with my husband, my son, and a very naughty Bassador puppy named George. I also have two amazing adult step children who impress me every day.

I’m a proud alumna of Newcomb College at Tulane University, and New Orleans is my happy place. I have a Master’s Degree in Child Development from Tufts University and a Photography Certificate from Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts. Most recently, I received certification for special needs portrait photography from  Special Kids Photography of America, where you can find me and other certified photographers near you.

Professionally, I’ve worn a lot of different hats- teaching assistant, educational textbook editor, special needs program coordinator, reading tutor, and of course, photographer. I love to ski and scuba dive, and I often dream that I am flying. Little surprise, my spirit animal is a sea turtle.

My given name is Marcie Schein, which translates to “a shining,” or “a brightness.” Most of the time I have a smile on my face, and, growing up, a lot of friends called me “Sunshine.” That always made me smile even more. Calling my business Sunschein Photography made perfect sense, and it still makes me smile.