Are They Really Graduating???

Our seniors have made it through a full year of school in Life During COVID. They have worked extra hard this year, and so have their parents. You all definitely deserve some celebration!!! Remote learning, in-person, hybrid…Some students have thrived, others have struggled, and a lucky few may not have even noticed anything different. However […]


Something made me put on a Beatles station this morning, and that made me think of my cousin Wendy. She loved the Beatles, especially Paul. Then I realized, this is about the time of year she passed away, so I checked her obituary and what do you know, today, April 16, is the anniversary of […]

School Pictures, Refocused on the Special Needs Student

As a parent of a child who is medically complex, I feel so very fortunate to live in a state with such an abundance of special education programs. For my son, we really only looked at three schools, but as I build my list of schools and programs and service providers to contact as a […]

My First Interview!

So this was really exciting…remember how I took the School Photos at my son’s school, The Education Cooperative, last Fall? Well, the Music Therapist asked if she could interview me for the students on the Yearbook committee, and of course I said YES! I’ve been wanting to start making some videos for my business, and […]


I have been working on the most fun project for the past several weeks. I thought it would be an easy 1-2-3 editing job, but I could not have been more wrong. My Dad turned 90 last July, and he has been writing his memoir. He finally finished, and he loaded 2 boxes full of […]


Moments are fleeting; brief, but memorable. We want to remember them because they usually represent something significant, happy, meaningful, positive. As a photographer my goal is to capture other people’s meaningful moments. As a special needs mom I am constantly, without success, trying to create moments, because sometimes I just want to feel like a […]

The Other Side of the Camera

Well, I’m doing something I’ve been putting off for a while…I am taking a leap and getting my own head shots and branding photos done! Now I finally get all the anxiety that I try to assuage in my clients…yikes! So it got me thinking, I really need to prepare for this shoot. What do […]