Marcie Schein Randall

Special Needs Portraiture

What is a Special Needs Portrait Photographer?

And why do you need one? Did you see my recent announcement? The one that says I am scaling down my photography to a very particular niche? Photographing individuals with special needs and disabilities, and all that comes with it, is what I do best. I’ve been doing a lot of networking for my business …

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The Art of Great Photo Sessions for People with Disabilities

As a photographer of people with disabilities, I must be especially resourceful and creative for my clients to have a great photo session. The people I photograph also need to be especially resourceful and creative throughout their own lives to achieve their goals. Take my son Harrison, for example. We knew from the very beginning, …

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Special Needs Portraits are a Gift

It’s been a rough start to 2022, for sure. COVID. Natural disasters and crazy cold weather all over the country. Losing Betty White and Sidney Poitier. Enough already! On top of that, we have a stomach bug in the house. Ugh. It’s bad enough for a typical kid; imagine what it’s like for a boy …

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Wrapping Up a Big 2021 for Sunschein Photography

And what a year it was! My dad has always advised me to work for myself, go into business, be my own boss. In fact, I recently edited Dad’s memoir (he’s 91!) and one comment in particular, talking about his own father, sounded very familiar: He also said to me, quite often, “Mike, when it …

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My Top 7 Photo Shoot Locations Around Boston

One of the first questions I often get when booking a shoot is “Where should we go for our photos?” I like to consider myself a “natural” photographer. I love outdoor settings with natural light, and the best images capture people in their natural comfort zone. In other words, we can go wherever you want! …

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