Community Action for Special Needs

How I Testified at the State House! I did something really amazing earlier this month, on Tuesday September 12. I went to the Massachusetts State House with some other moms and the ARC’s Senior Director of Government Affairs and Health Policy, Maura Sullivan. Each of us, one at a time, testified in support of a […]

Photographing Special Events for the Special Needs Community

Typically, when I hear “Event Photography,” I picture a fancy gala with gowns and champagne glasses, and I shy away.  That being said, invite me to photograph a casual special event any day! It’s like I was destined to highlight and celebrate individuals with disabilities and their families, with the wonderful variety of professional roles […]

A Typical Day Out for our Not-So-Typical Family

Harry and I went to opening day at a farm this past weekend. Beautiful weather, farm animals, food trucks, and music…what more do we need? My teenager likes to sleep in on the weekends (I love when he does something “typical” LOL), and I was excited when he got up before noon and I had […]