Marcie Schein Randall

Special Needs Portraiture

Client Questionnaire

Please take a few minutes to answer some questions so that I may have an idea of how to best prepare for our portrait session:

How many people in your family will be photographed today? What are their names and ages? (18+ is an option)

Does anyone have any physical limitations that I should consider when planning poses and positioning? We can use blankets, pillows, special seating, etc. to help with trunk and head support. I will bring a Yogibo and some blankets, and please let me know if there is any other specific equipment or gear that I should include in my bag of tricks.

What makes your family members comfortable in front of the camera? Is there a special prop that they would like to hold or have with them?

What can we do to help your family members turn their eyes toward the camera? 

Do you have a preference of how you would like your family to be photographed, for example, all together looking at the camera, or enjoying their surroundings in their own way? I usually do both, but some people have a specific pose in mind.

What other information would be helpful for me to know before photographing your family?