Marcie Schein Randall

Special Needs Portraiture

Individual Portraiture

The older we get, the fewer formal portraits we seem to have of ourselves. This is especially true for adults with special needs.

Photos tend to mark typical milestones as our children grow into adulthood. But many individuals with special needs don’t reach these milestones on the typical timeline, if they reach them at all.

Still, they, and their families, deserve to have beautiful portraits made to highlight their special moments.

As a parent of an adult with special needs, wouldn’t you treasure a truly original portrait of your child? As an adult service provider, think about how personal and welcoming the halls of your program space would be, lined with framed photographs of your clients that represent their individuality.

Together, we will create beautiful images of your special ones that you will be proud to share, images that capture their beauty inside and out.

“Marcie has a sharp eye for beauty where most of us see plainness. “

Laura R.