I was cleaning out my closet and found boxes and boxes of photos and negatives! Do you still have a ton of them packed away somewhere?

After an hour or so of reliving memories from different parts of my life, I realized, I really need to do something with these. I’m not talking about putting them in albums- believe me, that was done as soon as each roll of film was developed! I have so many photo albums I have run out of room to store them.

I’m talking about sharing them! I am really proud of some of them, many of which are framed and on my walls throughout the house. Why not add them to my portfolio? 

The photos cover a wide array of what I love to capture- portraits, scenery, travel, nature, food…

There are so many ways you can do this too. If you have a good scanner, you can digitize your photos whenever you have time. There are companies that will do this for you too, in bulk, with your photos and even your negatives. For a quick and dirty one, snap a pic of a photo with your smart phone.

Once your images are in digital form, think of all the new fun projects you can do with them, just like you do with your smart phone pics! You can make photo gifts and cards, and and you can share them on social media. 

Here’s a challenge- find an old photo, make a quick scan, and create a meme! Help me make a collection of memes from your favorite memories, and maybe we will go viral…who knows?

Just a sampling of the countless photo albums I have accumulated!


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