I just happened upon a very old photo of me on my phone – not even sure why it was so recently displayed in my Photos- and it made me smile. I have no idea when it was taken, I’m still trying to figure that out. The background of the image is very blurry- great depth of field, says the photographer in me. I see a bicycle tire on the bottom right and a scrunchie in my hair, so I’m thinking it’s from college. I posted it as a new Profile Picture, and I got lots of wonderful and complimentary comments. That made me feel good, so I went back to it, and again, it made me smile.

The first thing I noticed was the thick bangs I was sporting. Wow! I reverted to that look a few years ago, trying to look a little younger…could not pull them off this time. Oh well.

The next thing I noticed was the necklace. I remember that necklace. I loved it, wore it every day. I should look around for it.

The most impactful thing I noticed, though, was my whole presentation- gosh, I look so relaxed and carefree, and light. No worry lines or eye bags or saggy jowls. My skin is bright, my eyes are happy, my smile is content.

I wish I could place this image, but It’s ok if I can’t. It doesn’t really matter. Here’s what I get out of it. I’m grateful that there was a time in my life when I was this carefree and relaxed and light. Goodness knows I’m not in that place now. I do still have many moments of feeling happy and content, but something about this image is very comforting to me. I appreciate this glimpse into the life of the younger me. It makes me feel good to see myself in this light. I plan to hold on to this image, keep it easily accessible, because I feel like I might need to look at it again from time to time. It makes me smile.

Do you have any photos of yourself that just simply make you smile? For whatever reason, from whatever time in your life, it’s doesn’t matter. It only matters that it makes you smile.


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