Hurray! I passed! I am now officially accredited with Special Kids Photography of America! Check them out at

I completed an online training, took a test, and submitted images, and now I am proud to be a part of this wonderful organization. It’s a great way to be found, on their Find A Photographer list, and a great way for me to connect with likeminded photographers around the country who are passionate about doing good things for people with disabilities.

There are a lot of organizations that provide services and assistance for people with disabilities, and as a mom of a child who is medically complex, Thank Goodness! Primary needs like health, shelter, nutrition, education, and development, to name a few, are fortunately met by a variety of agencies and institutions, both private and public.

But what about the fun things? Birthday parties, travel, a day at the beach, family photos…these things often require extra effort, and sometimes it’s just too daunting to even attempt.

Here’s what I love about my job-I get to make one of those highly desired yet seemingly unreachable prizes- The Family Photo- a little easier to obtain. I get to capture those beautiful, fun, crazy moments in time for families who, like my own, are a little (or a lot) more difficult to photograph. Just like maneuvering a wheelchair down a cobblestone street, getting beautiful photos of individuals who have some medical or developmental disabilities can be done, it just takes practice and patience and creativity. It is definitely a challenge, but one I am always up for. Giving families a collection of photos that make them smile is my goal, and it’s what makes me smile.


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