Marcie Schein Randall

Special Needs Portraiture

Tips for a Great Photo Shoot


Blue and white pattern, blue, and white- which compliments everything!
  • Same or complimentary colors
  • One color, varying textures
  • One color, varying accessories (scarf, hat, belt, necklace)
  • Avoid logos
  • Patterns- only one person should wear a pattern, everyone else wears complimentary colors
  • Wear something that makes each person comfortable and confident
  • Be aware of tan lines, scars, beauty marks, tattoos- do you want them to show?


Using a Yogibo pillow for support
  • Adaptive equipment, seating, standing, mobility gear
  • Comfortable spot to sit or stand- the ground, a bench, a swing
  • Favorite toy, blanket, other items to hold


“Magic Tree” in the backyard
  • Your home? Your yard?
  • Favorite park or playground?
  • Best day and time for your family- when is everyone wide awake, alert, and happy?