Marcie Schein Randall

Special Needs Portraiture

Tips for a Great Photo Shoot

Once you have your family photo session scheduled, it’s time to start prepping!

What is everyone going to wear? How do you want everyone to look? What should we bring with us?

APPEARANCE- clothing, accessories, hair

Blue and white pattern, blue, and white- which compliments everything!
  • Same or complimentary colors
  • One color, varying textures
  • One color, varying accessories (scarf, hat, belt, necklace)
  • What shoes will you wear? Or will you be barefoot? Do you need a pedicure or manicure?
  • Make your hair appointment for a week prior to your photo session
  • Avoid commercial logos if possible
  • Patterns- only one person should wear a pattern, everyone else wears complimentary colors
  • Wear something that makes each person comfortable and confident
  • Try on your outfits several days before your photo session to make sure everything is clean, ironed, and fits and looks good together
  • Be aware of tan lines, scars, beauty marks, tattoos- do you want them to show?


Using a Yogibo pillow for support
  • Adaptive equipment, seating, standing, mobility gear
  • Comfortable spot to sit or stand- the ground, a bench, a swing
  • Favorite toy, blanket, other items to hold


“Magic Tree” in the backyard
  • Your home? Your yard?
  • Favorite park or playground?
  • Best day and time for your family- when is everyone wide awake, alert, and happy?