Trying to squeeze in a holiday photo session? There are plenty of photographers who are still booking Holiday Mini Photo Sessions (myself included).

Do you want the photo to serve as a holiday remembrance to hang on your wall each season? Will you be using the photo for your Hanukkah or Christmas cards? Gifting it to grandma for Kwanzaa?

Get on a photographer’s calendar as soon as you can, then…make sure you follow my tips for a great holiday photo session so you are prepared and ready for your photo shoot!

Here are my tips for a Great Holiday Photo Session:


  • Dress appropriately for the holiday scene you want to portray. Chances are that the current weather is different than it will be at the peak time of your holiday celebration.
  • Wear the same or complimentary color. Will you be wearing colors that are universally associated with the holiday you celebrate?
  • Focus on one color, varying accessories (belts, scarfs, holiday hats)
  • Wear solid colors, or solid with only one person wearing a pattern
  • Choose outfits that each individual is comfortable wearing.
  • Try on your outfits in advance; make sure they are all clean, ironed, fit well, and look good together
  • Avoid commercial logos if possible
  • Choose shoes that will be worn during the season. Covered toes? Tall boots? Ankle boots? Slippers?
  • Schedule your hair appointment a week or two in advance
  • Do you have scars or tattoos? Do you want them to show?


  • Adaptive equipment such as seating or mobility gear
  • Favorite toy or holiday item to hold
  • Will your pet be dressed for the holiday as well?


  • Where is everyone at ease? Does someone have a “happy place?”
  • What is the best time of day? When is everyone awake, alert, and happy?
  • Will you pose in your home? Your yard?
  • Will you pose in a public area like in a favorite park or playground, or at the lake?


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