Work With Me

My mission is to...

give you a fun, positive experience and beautiful images to remember the day.

The images I create show who you all truly are,

and looking back on these images will make you smile.


I will travel to your school, center, home, or wherever your favorite spot might be,

and spend as much time as we need to capture beautiful, real moments.

I will also be in contact with you before our scheduled

session to discuss any special needs for me to accommodate.




The older we get, the fewer formal portraits we seem to have of ourselves.

This is especially true for adults with special needs.

Photos tend to mark typical milestones as our children grow into adulthood. Many individuals with special needs don’t reach these milestones on the typical timeline, if they reach them at all.

Still, they, and their families, deserve to have beautiful portraits made to highlight their special moments.

As a parent of an individual with special needs, wouldn’t you treasure a truly original portrait of your child? As a service provider, think about how personal and welcoming the halls of your program space would be lined with framed photographs of your clients that represent their individuality.

Together, we will create beautiful images of your special ones that you will be proud to share, images that capture their beauty inside and out.


Senior year is an exciting time. After a brief pre-session conversation, I will be able to capture your teen’s pride in how far he or she has come and his or her vision of what will come next.​

We will have plenty of time for at least two outfits and various poses, and a fun photo shoot!

The very best photos of our soon-to-be grads reflect their very best selves.

School Photos



Rec Programs

Yearly school pictures are a fun way to document your child’s growth and progress from year to year. Not all students, however, are best represented sitting on a stool or chair in a formal pose. I would like to offer you, or your child’s school or program, a flexible alternative, something you will love and be proud to share with your family and friends.

Some kids are most at ease sitting on a swing, holding a favorite toy, or climbing up a playground structure. It’s my job to follow them to capture the most natural, content, at ease version of themselves.

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Treat a special someone to the gift of memories.